Different uses of rubber ice cube trays

Many people don’t know that ice cube trays are not only used for making ice but it can be used for different purposes also. If you are smart enough you can use the ice cube trays differently. The rubber ice cube trays are extremely convenient and easy to use in different ways.

You can use the ice cube trays as a little storage for keeping different types of things. You can make ice cream on the ice cube tray, keep the leftover food which you don’t want to throw away, make vegetables and fruit cubes and so on. So, why stuck on only making ice? You can expand your creativity and do lot more things with the rubber ice trays.

Here are few creative ideas of using rubber ice trays in different ways.


Making mini ice cream bar

You can make mini ice cream bar with the ice cube trays. A little ice cream bar can be shaped easily with the ice cream cubes. If your children love ice cream and you don’t want to give them ice cream, you can make small ice cream and make them happy giving them one or two ice cream every day.

Making mini size party bites

People get confused when they have to prepare foods for their guests at any party. People usually love to take light food to the party. They also would like to have the foods which don’t create any problem to bite. So, using your rubber ice cube, you can make mini size party bark for your guests with chocolate and nuts. They will surely love it.

Store the fruit pulps

Sometimes we get too many fruits at our home. If they are not eaten timely, they might get rotten. So, we can store the pulp of the fruits on our refrigerator to eat them whenever we want. This way you can save the fruits from getting rotten and also can enjoy the fruit pulp for a long time.

Making herbal ice cubes

You can make the herbal ice cube with different herbal ingredients like mint, lemon, etc. and freeze them in your ice cube trays. These ice cubes can add flavors in your every cup of tea.

Making mini cheesecake bites

You can make mini cheesecake bites with the ice cube trays. These are really cute and if you have children, they will really like to have it.

Making frozen coffee

You can make coffee and freeze them to enjoy the coffee later.

Making chocolate cubes

You can also make frozen chocolate cubes for enjoying it at your leisure.

Freeze the baby food

Baby foods can also be frozen in the ice cubes. It remain fresh for a long time if you store and freeze them in an ice cube tray.

So, these are some unique and creative ideas to use your rubber ice cube trays. You can also generate many more ideas and use your ice cube trays for implementing those ideas.

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